How consignment works

  1. Items should come in a cardboard box marked with your name and phone number. Items must be “contained” inside the box. We only accept 4 boxes per account per month.
  2. We will be accepting fall and winter items until mid November.
  3. Items stay in the store for 60 days and then it is up to the cosigner to pick up their items or they will be automatically donated. We don’t make calls – it is consignors responsibility to know when their items expires.
  4. Payouts starts the 15th of every month and are done until the last day of the month.
  5. The consignor is paid 40% of the amount that the item was sold for.
  6. Effective June 1 2012 payouts not picked up after 60 days will become a store credit good for one year
  7. There are no payouts the months of March and September.

Note: Non seasonal items brought will be donated.

NEW To all you crafty people. If you are interested in selling items on consignment. Contact us